Caldea Club - Discovery entry

Discovery Club

Entry to Club Caldea + individual chromatic aerobath (choice on arrival between: milk and essential oils, herbs, citric essences, oriental essences or floral essences),


Entry to Club Caldea + hydrojet.

Tarifs : 85.00 euros / person

Caldea Club - Programmes at the Club

Caldea - ClubCaldea′s packages differ from those on offer in more traditional spa centres, they are both trendy and innovative. Treatments are organised in various schedules following relaxation, beauty-care and antistress programmes.

Personal well-being shoud be a top priority...

Let us know your plans, your accommodation needs and your dates and we will prepare a restful weekend retreat for you in the thermal resort of Caldea.

We will help you find your ideal visit.

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Programmes and cruises at the Club

The Club programmes are divided into 4 principal themes: anti-stress, beauty, relaxation and Deluxe relaxation. Each theme is divided into 3 modules (A, B, C...). Each module represents 1 day at Caldea (5 consecutive hours).

1 module = 1 day

This system allows you to combine any modules. That way, you can make a programme from 1 to 15 days without repeating a single module.

Theme AntiStress

Four hand massage Module AntiStress A

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Full body massage with Bach flowers (60 min.)
  • Individual chromatic aerobath with citric essences (15 min.)
  • Water pressure massage (10 min.)

Module AntiStress B

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Four-handed massage (45 min.)
  • Reflexology foot massage (30 min.)

Theme Oriental Relaxation

Caldea Invigorating shower Module Oriental Relaxation C

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Traditional Thai massage (60 min.)
  • Flotarium (weightless bath) (30 min.)
  • Water pressure massage (10 min.)

Module Oriental Relaxation C

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Full body green tea oils massage (60 min.)
  • Yuthai : massage in water (30 min.)

Theme New Sensations

New Sensations E

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Chocolate Deluxe body wrap (75 min.)
    • Application of cocoa
    • Massage
  • Individual chromatic aerobath with milk (15 min.)

New Sensations F

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Thermal-vitality treatment (75 min.) :
    • Enzymatic peeling
    • Body application with honey or fruits
    • Mask with honey or fruits
    • Massage
  • Aromatic water pressure massage (10 min.)

Theme Beauty

Aesthetic massage Module Beauty G

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Balneoesthetic body and face treatment (90 min.) :
    • Body scrub
    • Aerobath
    • Lotion application
    • Facial modelling

Module Beauty H

  • Club Caldea entry
  • Aesthetic massage (45 min.): circulatory, moisturising, revitalising or anti-cellulitis massage
  • Aromatic facial massage (45 min.) : peeling, mask and massage

Modular programs tariffs

PRICE PER MODULE / DAY 143 € (per day/person)
You can come for several days, taking one module per day)

On arrival, clients will be received personally with a welcoming refreshment. Modules include the loan of bathing materials (bath robe, towel and sandals) and free access to the facilities of the Thermoludic Area and the Club for 5 hours : indoor and outdoor lagoons, hydromassage pools, jacuzzis, saunas, Hammam, grapefruit bath, etc.


3 Days Program 412 € (per person, for three days)


  • 3 days’ access to the Club
  • Indoceane treatment (105 min.)
  • General massage with grape extract (60 min.)
  • Yuthai (30 min.)
  • Aromatic facial massage (45 min.)
  • Aromatic water pressure massage (10 min.)


  • 3 days’ access to the Club
  • Indoceane treatment (105 min.)
  • Aesthetic massage (45 min.)
  • Yuthai (30 min.)
  • Gold wrap (75 min.)
  • Aromatic water pressure massage (10 min.)

On arrival, clients will be received personally with a welcoming refreshment. Programs include the loan of bathing materials (bath robe, towel and sandals) and free access to the facilities of the Thermoludic Area and the Club for 5 hours : indoor and outdoor lagoons, hydromassage pools, jacuzzis, saunas, Hammam, grapefruit bath, etc.

All of the above prices include:

  • Daily rental of a clean bathrobe, sandals and towel
  • Guided visit of the Club
  • The treatments
  • Free and unlimited access to all of the installations of the Club and main spa for 5 hours a day
  • A non-alcoholic drink at the Club bar

Caldea bar aquatiqueEach and every of the 3 programmes (relaxation, beauty-care and antistress) gives access to 5 different schedules, at a price corresponding to one admittance fee or a 5h session at Caldea.

You may combine various programmes and schedules in your own way, so as to set up a stay as lengthy as you like.

If no schedule suits you, Caldea gives you the opportunity to set up your own à la carte programme.

You may start your programme any day of the week at 09:00, 10:30, 13:30, 15:00 or at 16:30.

Caldea treatments "à la carte" (Thermoludic area and/or Club Caldea)

When purchasing admission to the Thermoludic Area with a supplementary treatment, the client can stay in the centre for four hours instead of three on the day that this treatment takes place.

Thermal-vitality Treatment based on honey and mineral salts (75 min.) 81.00 €
Massage with fruits essence (45 min.) 52.00 €
Massage with fruits essence (60 min.) 64.00 €
Massage with scented sachets à la carte (tea, bamboo, Asiatic herbs.) (60 min.) 64.00 €
Yuthai (massage in water) (30 min.) 38.00 €
Circulatory massage (45 min) 55.00 €
Moisturising massage (45 min) 55.00 €
Revitalising massage (45 min) 55.00 €
Anti-cellulitis massage (45 min) 55.00 €
Partial underwater body massage (20 min)1) 30.00 €
Full underwater body massage (30 min) 38.00 €
Full body massage (60 min) 61.00 €
Partial body massage (45 min)2) 50.00 €
Back massage (20 min) 30.00 €
Legs massage (20 min) 30.00 €
Foot massage (20 min) 30.00 €
Reflexology foot massage (30 min)3) 38.00 €
Aromatic facial massage (45 min) 50.00 €
Four-handed massage (45 min)4) 75.00 €
Amma massage (20 min)5) 30.00 €
Partial body massage/Bach flowers (45 min)6) 52.00 €
Full body massage/Bach flowers (60 min) 64.00 €
Head and scalp massage (20 min) 30.00 €
Facial lymphatic drainage (30 min) 38.00 €
Body lymphatic drainage (60 min) 71.00 €
Shiatsu (Japanese massage) (30 min)7) 38.00 €
Shiatsu (Japanese massage) (60 min) 61.00 €
Geothermal massage (partial with hot stones) (60 min)8) 61.00 €
Geothermal massage (general with hot stones) (90 min) 81.00 €
Traditional Thai massage (60 min)9) 61.00 €
Korean relaxation (30 min)10) 38.00 €
Korean relaxation (60 min) 61.00 €
Turkish exfoliation (steam bath + body scrub + lotion application) (75 min) 71.00 €
Simple body scrub (50 min) 61.00 €
Balneoesthetic (body scrub + aerobath + lotion application) (75 min) 81.00 €
Revitalising breast bust treatment (75 min) 64.00 €
Tired legs treatment (55 min) 61.00 €
Cold mud application to legs (45 min) 55.00 €
Mud / marine salts application (75 min) 81.00 €
Mud / essential oil application (75 min) 81.00 €
Corporal application of natural herbs + massage (75 min) 71.00 €
Coffee Deluxe wrap (75 min) 81.00 €
Zen Volcanic massage (90 min) 81.00 €
Indoceane treatment (105 min) 132.00 €
Gold wrap (75 min) 81.00 €
Pearl scrub and wrap (105 min) 111.00 €
Back cleansing (75 min) 61.00 €
Hand beauty (simple) (50 min) 17.00 €
Hand beauty (complete) (75 min) 32.00 €
Foot beauty (simple) (50 min) 25.00 €
Foot beauty (complete) (75 min) 38.00 €
Stand-up sunbeds (12 min) 4.00 €
High pressure ultra rapid sunbeds* (20 min) 23.00 €
Eyelash curl (60 min) 50.00 €
Eyelash tint (35 min) 38.00 €
Deluxe wrap (75 min) 81.00 €
Scrubbing with cocoa (50 min) 61.00 €
Scrub and cocoa wrap Deluxe (105 min) 111.00 €
Facial treatment (75 min) 75.00 €
Vinotherapy scrub (50 min) 61.00 €
Wine wrap, relaxing or invigorating (75 min) 81.00 €
Grape extract massage (60 min) 61.00 €
Body scrub and wine wrap (105 min) 111.00 €

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Glossary of technical words

1) Underwater massage Manual massage with essential oil. Carried out on a massage table under a shower of thermal water. The aim is to stimulate the return of circulation and a relaxation of the nervous system.
2) Partial Massage :Manual massage with neutral moisturising cream. Work is done on two parts of the body : the back and back of the legs.
3) Foot Massage :A hand massage on the feet to relieve body fatigue and activate circulation in the limbs.
4) Four hand massage : Manual massage with essential oils throughout the entire body, performed by two masseurs, to receive the benefits of the massage more intensely.
5) Amma massage : Traditional Japanese energetic massage received sitting on a ergonomic chair. Manipulation, pressure, stretching and percussion are used along the body’s meridians, re-equilibrating energy circulation and reducing accumulated tensions.
6) Massage with Bach flowers : A few drops of essence of Bach flowers are added to the massage cream. Various essences are used depending on the emotional state of the person.
7) Shiatsu : Oriental manual massage technique on energy points and channels used in acupuncture. Consists mainly of manual pressure, using the thumbs and palms of the hands. Pressure at a very precise rhythm in a very strict order and on very specific areas and paths called meridians in order to harmonise the body’s energy.
8) Geothermal massage : A combination of Indian and Hindu traditions wrapped in colourful surroundings. It all comes together in a subtle and rhythmic massage with hot stones to attain physical, mental and spiritual harmony.
9) Traditional Thai massage : An ancient form of massage with soft swinging, pressure and stretching, that will enable you to experience a unique sensation. This art allows you to release muscular tension, improves blood circulation and goes deep into a state of calm and inner peace.
10) Korean relaxation :The Chinese art of passive stretching and complete relaxation. It is a technique that requires connection between the instructor and the client to reharmonise energy channels.