Naturlandia - Tobotronc

Naturlandia - Tobotronc

Tobotronc, the longest alpine coaster in the world

Naturlandia - Tobotronc The Naturlandia park have the longest alpine coaster in the world on the la Rabassa mountain in Andorra

The ‘tobotronc’ alpine coaster is a carriage that allows a trip on a kind of sledge that circulates on steel rails, controlled at all times by the person travelling. It is not a roller coaster, as the person decides the speed at which they wish to travel, without exceeding 40 kilometres an hour, and the seat belts offer maximum safety.

The one installed on the la Rabassa mountain in Andorra starts from the shooting range and the route climbs to the snow field, with its peaceful views of the natural surroundings. The downhill circuit, also between the show field and shooting range, is windier and is the section offering the greatest thrills.

On route, we can appreciate the la Rabassa forest in all of its splendour, which makes a ride on this coaster an unbeatable experience. The difference in level will be approximately 400 metres, and is the first stone to the Naturlandia project. The uphill section is around 1,700 metres, whereas the downhill will be 3,550, so the la Rabassa ‘tobotronc’ is the longest in the world at nearly 5,300 metres.

This attraction has 100 wagons or sleighs with capacity for two persons at the cost of 8.50 euros and 5.50 for the minors of 12 years, which always they have to go accompanied

The work also includes scrupulous compliance with all the regulations, agreements and national and international treaties to guarantee the protection of all species.


Price per person
Number of trip13510Forfait dia
Adults 8.50 € 19.00 € 28.00 € 45.00 € 35.00 €
Children with adult (between 5 and 14 years) 5.50 € 12.50 € 18.00 € 30.00 € 23.00 €
Junior (between 14 and 17 years) 7.00 € 16.00 € 23.00 € 35.00 € 29.00 €
Family (more than 4 persons) 6.00 € 13.50 € 20.00 € 33.00 € 25.00 €
Groups (more than 20 persons) 5.50 € 12.50 € 18.00 € 30.00 € 23.00 €

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