Grandvalira : Pas de la Case - Grau Roig and Soldeu - El Tarter

GrandvaliraBy way of comparison, if Andorra has become known as the country of the Pyrenees, Grandvalira could be called the Grand snow capital of the Pyrenees.

It’s the biggest ski area in the Pyrenees with 193 km of runs. Its privileged position ensures good quality snow and a high percentage of sunny days throughout the year.

It was the 2003-2004 season when the two leading Pyreneen ski resorts, Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig and Soldeu El Tarter, took advantage of their experience and geographical proximity – in fact, the physical link already existed – to give birth to a ski area of European proportions.


GrandvaliraGrandvalira is situated to the north of the Andorran Principality, along the border with France.

The area it covers belongs to two of the seven Andorran parishes - Encamp and Canillo – and has six points of access to the resort, all of these along the Carretera General 2 also known as the road to France.

Climbing the Valira d’Orient river valley – that gives the resort it’s name – you’ll arrive in turn at the Encamp, Canillo, El Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa access points.

Grandvalira Pas de la Casa Grandvalira Soldeu El Tarter

The Grandvalira's sectors

Freestyle SEASON 2008 - 2009

Grandvalira - FreestyleThe Camps specialise in freestyle training (ski and snowboard) and are aimed at those with a minimum ability to be able to ride down the majority of runs. Our instructors will correct their technical errors so that they can learn, improve and enjoy freestyle with complete safety.

After warming up on the slopes, learning continues in the Snowpark using the various modules depending on the class level.

The groups are small (maximum 6 persons) and videoanalysis is included.

Note: we recommend the use of freestyle equipment and body armour.

Camps snowpark El Tarter

All of the El Tarter Freestyle Camps instructors are current pro riders, ex-pro riders or highly qualified freestyle instructors. The camps are aimed at those who are new to freestyle as well as those who want to learn more advanced tricks.

Camps snowpark Pas

These courses can be taken with the Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig Ski and Snowboard School and they are aimed exclusively at those who require beginner freestyle lessons.

Adventure Activities SEASON 2009 - 2010

Grandvalira offers a wide range of on-snow activities complementary to skiing and boarding. Complementary does not mean alternatives because at Grandvalira it seems like there’s time for everything.

These activities are spread over the whole ski area, but it’s in the Grau Roig sector that you’ll find the Adventure Activities Centre with its interesting options. The choice on offer is varied and allows you to have a good time with friends and family at reasonable prices. This is a great opportunity to experience new thrills and be able to tell a story or two on your return to the office, school or university.

Among the activities offered at GrandValira, you’ll find more laidback options such as dog sleigh rides or archery; those that are more energetic like paintball; and more educational ones such as orienteering and avalanche rescue, amongst others.

Generals Conditions

  • Ski-passes to access the activities are not included in the prices.
  • Prices for snowshoes, igloos and avalanche rescue are for a minimum of 3 people.
  • Snowshoes, igloos, orienteering and avalanche rescue have a low level of difficulty and trips can be adapted to the level of the group.
  • Minimum recommended age for all activities is 8 years.
  • Activities are available subject to the expert opinion of staff regarding weather conditions or other factors.

Artic Adventure

Grandvalira - Artic AdventureThis is another proposal combining diferent activities. For two hours you will have the chance to practise asnowshoes, to learn how to build igloos and drive a snow-mobile.

Adventure in the mountains

Grandvalira - Adventure in the mountains Two hours of activities that includes diferent alternatives. First snowshoes and then, afterwards, initiation into mountain orienteering and basic knowledge for handling the Avalanche Victim Rescue Apparatus (AVRA).

Adventure in the mountains (Grau Roig)Snowshoes + Orienteering + AVRA2h30,00 €

Dog Sleigh Driving

Grandvalira - Dog Sleigh Driving Initiation into driving sleighs pulled by dogs. You will have the chance to feel like a real competition musher , at all times under the supervision of a monitor. On the Riba Escorxada (El Tarter) and Porte des Neiges circuits and at the Adventure Activities Centre (Grau Roig).

Dog Sleigh Trips

Grandvalira - Dog Sleigh Trips Few winter experiences are as gratifying as riding along snowy tracks on board a dog-sleigh, when all that can be heard is the panting of the dogs and the whistling of the wind as it passes through the groves of white trees. Sleighs for twopeople, driven by a guide. The circuit is located in the Adventure Activities Centre (Grau Roig).

Snowmobiles Riding

Grandvalira - Snowmobiles RidingThese are skidoo excursions along guided routes where customers get to ride their own skidoo. Over 18’s only (proof of age required).

Igloo Building

Grandvalira - Igloo BuildingThis activity is great fun to do with small children, even though the adults end up enjoying it as much as they do. An expert demonstrates the techniques for building an authentic Eskimo igloo. Available at any point of Grandvalira.


Grandvalira - PaintballGrandvalira has transferred this entertaining team war game to the snow. Participants are provided with all the necessary equipment: guns, clothing and protection so that they can enjoy the battle-ground of the Grau Roig Adventure Activities Centre. The paint pellets used are bio-degradable.


Grandvalira - Snowshoes Excursions with snowshoes, accompanied by a guide. The routes cross snowy paths and frozen lakes with several itineraries to choose from, always at an easy level. The trips are based in El Forn (Canillo) and Porte des Neiges and at the Adventure Activities Centre (Grau Roig). You must wear mountain footwear to keep your feet warm.


Grandvalira - ArcheryIt’s just a question of aim. If you want to put your shooting abilities to the test, you can always choose to do archery. In the El Cubil Adventure Centre you will find targets that stand out against the blanket of white snow, and the material you will need to do the activity.

Technical File

Grandvalira has meant the birth of the largest ski area in the Pyrenees. It’s 193 km. spread over 110 runs has made it a member of the most important winter resorts club in Europe.

But Grandvalira is more than just a mega-resort, as it has made good use of the diversity of its different sectors to offer varied and attractive choices for everyone.

Important: With its cutting edge facilities, along with hands-free lift-pass system on all lifts, the resort has a high transport capacity that eliminates queues and congestion at the bottom of lifts.

Technical File
Altitude band930 m. (2.640 m -1.710 m)
Skiable area1.926 Ha
Transport capacity100.400 skiers/hour
Marked runs193 km 110 pistes
18 green
38 blue
32 red
22 black
Automatic snow1008 Snow cannons
Artificial Innivation78 km (40.4% of the skiable domain)
66 lifts1 funitel
3 cable cars
15 declutchable chair lifts
15 fixed chair lifts
17 ski lifts
8 overhead cable lifts
7 mats
4 Ratrack ski courses (off-piste)
2 competition stadiums standardised by the I.S.F (International Ski Federation)
3 freestyle areasSnowpark El Tarter (high level)
Snowpark Pas,Pas de la Casa (intermediate-beginner’s level)
Circuit freestyle Grau Roig (intermediate level)
2 permanent boardercrossSector Soldeu
Sector Pas de la Casa
2 children’s Mickey Snow Club circuits
1 Adventure Activities centre1 cross-country circuit
7 snowshoes circuits
3 dog-drawn sleigh circuits
2 snowmobile circuits
1 multi-adventure circuit
1 paragliding flight base
2 helicopter flight bases
Ski and snowboard schools450 licensed instructors
7 centres
5 Snow gardens
4 Nurseries
5 Medical Centres
37 Food & Beverage points
14 car-parks10 open
4 covered

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