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CyberAndorra - About us

We’re not machines...

CyberAndorra is a virtual travel agency that specialises in the Principality of Andorra. Our team consists of three people, in a loose structure that enables us to offer you a level of service and flexibility that industrial tour operators find it hard to compete with. We live and work in Andorra, we’ve taken the time to visit and photograph each of the hotels that we propose. Who better than us to guide you, when you have specific requirements or wishes?

A virtual agency that offers more than the real world.

CyberAndorra offers transparency: for each hotel we propose a virtual tour of the bedroom that you’ll stay in, you can examine everything in detail, from the ground floor to the roof. No more unpleasant surprises! What’s more, CyberAndorra welcomes you on a 24 hour basis and 7 days a week. What could be better than this?

Quality, but at what price?

Perhaps you’re wondering what such a high level of service is going to cost you… At CyberAndorra we don’t charge filing fees or any kind of banking expenses. You can benefit from the best offers for hotel services, either directly on the website or with our assistance.