Andorra Spa, total wellbeing in the water

Water is another of the natural resources of Andorra. As well as the rivers and lakes which have their source in the country, there are the hot springs of Escaldes-Engordany, rich in sulphur and recommended for therapy and beauty treatments, for restoring vitality and getting rid of stress, and for treating and preventing rheumatism and skin complaints. There are many wellness centres in the Principality where you can make the most of your free time throughout the whole year.

Caldea Centre Thermal Roc Blanc Sport Wellness Mountain Spa

Caldea - the recreational spa centre in Southern Europe

CaldeaWith its modern architecture and an area of 30,345 m², at an altitude of 1,100 metres, Caldea is the oasis of Andorra and the perfect place for enjoying a recreational spa and discovering the link of ancient civilisations with water. Set in majestic, privileged surroundings, Caldea uses all the properties of the thermal waters of the springs of the Escaldes – Engordany parish to provide its visitors with spectacular water-based installations and a wide range of massage, thermal water and beauty treatments. The large indoor lagoon, with a maximum depth of 1.30 m, has thermal water baths at 32-34ºC, water jets, Jacuzzi, water spray masks, swan’s neck and hydromassage. There is also an outdoor Jacuzzi, Indo-Roman baths, fitness area with saunas, hamman patio, Wood’s lamp, Sirocco bath and water massage. Additionally, it boasts an outdoor area with terraces, beauty cabins and tanning cabins.

The water treatment services are complemented by alternative activities such as gastronomy and cinema. Caldea boast the Aquarius restaurant, the only one in Andorra awarded a Michelin star, thanks to its renowned chef Christian Zanchetta. The restaurant is exclusive to Caldea users and offers healthy, balanced cuisine. There is also the panoramic Sírius bar, providing unforgettable vistas over the Escaldes – Engordany valley, and the Helimoció dynamic cinema, showing Andorra’s breathtaking landscapes. Caldea plans to inaugurate a further 12,400 square metres of facilities in 2009.

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Sport Wellness Mountain Spa Andorra

Sport Wellness - Mountain Spa Andorra Recently built, it has a capacity of 4500 m2 of water, making it the second largest of it kind in Andorra and one of the most distinguished mountain, thermal leisure and health centres in Europe.

The reception area alone, with its open structure looking down on the four lower levels, gives you an idea of the magnitude of the building. This spectacular centre has various aquatic areas with indoor Jacuzzis, Turkish baths, hammam, fitness room, UVA, a large pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and a hairdresser, among other facilities. Here, you can also receive health and beauty treatment in individual units. All of this with views over the pistes of the Soldeu sector of Grandvalira. This is a great place to rest and relax after a heavy day on the snow and has the advantage of being on the resort’s doorstep.

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Roc Blanc Hotels - Natural Spring Hot Waters

Roc Blanc Hotels - Natural Spring Hot WatersSurrounded by mountains or just near the sea, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Universe of Well-being and Thermalism, enjoying the benefit and guarantee of our international experience based on four decades dedicated to the care of health.

Let you guide through the pages by the spirit of Roc Blanc Hotels, where you will find the treatments and the newest programmes in health, beauty, relax and well-being stays, under the attentive supervision of our medical staff in Andorra.

Thermalism is a source of health and ancestral purity, an encounter with the nature that provides you all the therapeutic properties of our medicinal waters, whose content in chemical and mineral components, is also truly special and one of the reasons our guests return so often.

A baptism in thermal waters prevents, improves, balances and cures the upheavals caused by the daily stress, in order to find again the harmony and the energy necessary to give more quality of life to your years.

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