La Borda del Rector

Borda del RectorThe restaurant La Borda del Rector and Natura Aventura cordially invites you to a special evening: an unforgettable experience up close to the mountains and their traditions.

Plan of the evening:

Natura AventuraA professional guide will be waiting for you at the car park at 7 pm. You will be provided with all the snow equipment necessary for your adventure (torch, sticks, snow-shoes, gaiters).

The walk

The walk Val d'InclesThe destination is the Val d’Incles (the Valley of Eagles). On snowshoes, by starlight and the glow of the torches you will find a world of silence, where you will be surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of the elements. On the tracks of bears, where only the crunching under your feet breaks the silence of the snowy valley, you will enjoy a privileged experience with the pristine mountains.

After an hour and a quarter of this expedition in the cold of the night, the warmth of the restaurant will be waiting to greet the adventurers. And the second part of the adventure starts there: a traditional Andorran supper. The location is in itself a reminder of how the Andorrans lived in centuries passed. La Borda del Rector was the first lodge in Andorra to be transformed into a restaurant.

Borda del Rector

Borda del RectorBorda del Rector And the menu? The traditional dishes of the Andorran Pyrenees. You will enjoy authentic products, prepared with the cooking methods typical of our country, with the fire and the embers adding something euphoric to the aromas of the food. Naturally, to accompany your meal, La Borda del Rector offers a cellar where wines from Spain and even further afield have a place of honour. Here too, quality is the order of the day.

Mad about the mountains, trekking and good living? Try this unique experience in Andorra for €65 per participant (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

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