Vallnord: Pal-Arinsal Mountain Park and Ordino-Arcalís

vallnordVALLNORD invites you to discover its two ski areas: the Pal-Arinsal and Ordino-Arcalís sectors. With a total of 89 kilometres and 1,149 Ha destined to skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing and multi-recreational activities, the station has become the first mountain park in the Pyrenees for all ages. It has more than 40,000 m2 for freestyling and virgin snow areas for freeriding, along with the finest installations for enjoying the snow with the family.

For the new Winter 2006-07 season, the Andorran station VALLNORD offers 1,149 Ha of ski areas covering over 87 runs (89 km), 44 ski lifts with a capacity of 54,210 skiers/hour, 374 snow cannons, as well as excellent restaurants and an infinite number of activities for all tastes and ages.

With the VALLNORD Pass (33 euros for adults in high season) you can enjoy the first mountain park in the Pyrenees for all ages, with the finest ski, snowboard and freestyle runs in the Principality of Andorra. Furthermore, the fun goes beyond skiing, with activities that include helicopter flights, guided dog-pulled sleigh trips and day and night-time snow bike excursions.


  • Remodeling and adaptation of the Túnel trail in Arcalís area. It will change from blue (medium) to green (easy), gaining more room for beginners in the area that contains the most spectacular challenges of VALLNORD.
  • Widening of De la Portella trail in its narrowest part and snowmaking from Cap de les Portelles up to Planells.
  • Snow machines installation in De la Basera trail, from Anella up to Planells.
  • New Leitner snowplough, to keep offering the best ploughs of the Pyrenees.
  • Remodeling of the Freestyle area.
  • New Fast-food service at Planells, in Arcalís. Skiers and other visitors, will enjoy a new fast-food restaurant. Combining the new technologies and a good service, they can enjoy the best hamburgers, as well as traditional sandwiches and combined dishes.
  • As an innovation addressed to groups, Arcalís improves its quality this year by including home-made cooking.
  • From this season on, the brave ones will have a new activity to enjoy: Speed Riding. It combines paragliding with ski, allowing people to ski in the best trials of Andorra powered from a paraglide.


  • New declutchable sextuple chair lift “Arinsal” (which replaces the old double one). It will connect faster and in a more comfortable way, the mountain base at Arinsal (1550 mts. above sea level) with Comallemple, at 1950 mts. above sea level.
  • Snow machines installation at De la Pala trail, guaranteeing snow at almost 100% of the area.
  • New Kassbohrer snowplough to keep offering a perfect snow plough.
  • Remodeling of Freestyle area.
  • Remodeling of Obelix Snack-Bar-Restaurant in Arinsal, offering an easier access for skiers and making them feel comfortable during their ski pause.
  • The Snow-Bar in the Panoramix Terrace will be transformed into a “Creperie and Gaufrerie” to be up to the expectations of the good palates.
  • Among other news for the upcoming 2009-10 season, it is expected snowmaking in the total area of Marrades trail in Arinsal. In doing so, Marrades will be skiable the whole season and skiers will enjoy the biggest Andorran slope (more than 1000 mts.), which goes from Alt de la Capa, at 2572 mts. above sea level, to Arinsal, at 1550 mts.


  • New chair lift at Pla de la Tosa, above Pic del Cubil. This chair lift will duplicate skiers transport capacity from Pal to Arinsal, Setúria or Coll de la Botella areas, being the latter, the neuralgic centre of winter activities (snowmobiles, snowshoes, mushing, sledges). Thanks to the new snow machines in this area, access from one area to the other is guaranteed.
  • Widening of Del Camí Inferior trail from Coll de la Botella up to Planell, and installation of snow machines, so skiers can enjoy both areas, Pal and Arinsal, during the whole season.
  • New Freestyle area for beginners.
  • New terrace and outdoor “chiringuito” in Planell area (mountain base of trails in Pal), so people can enjoy the sun and beautiful views.
  • New Fast-Food Service at Caubella building, with a wide offer of hamburgers and franckfurts for skiers that want to make a quick stop between slope and slope.


  • Keep working with signposting of access, trails and buildings, improving and unifying every single information point.
  • VALLNORD keeps giving priority to Customers Service, forming its team of professionals through specialized courses where personalized attention and kindness are the key for a good relationship among its clients.

Adrenaline and family skiing in Sector Pal-Arinsal

Vallnord - SnowboardPut yourself to the test this Winter and discover new sensations practising your chosen sport in Sector Pal-Arinsal. Here you will find the Freestyle Area which has the most radical 40,000 m2 in southern Europe and has an incredible Half Pipe, Jump & Rails, the only Junior Rails zone in Europe and a permanent Boarder Cross & Ski Cross circuit. The station also has freeride, bumps, carving and slalom areas and a spectacular ISF stadium where you can time yourself.

However, in the first mountain park in the Pyrenees for all ages, we also aim to look after the comfort and wellbeing of all the family. The station provides Babyclubs, children’s snow parks and excellent beginners’ slopes, so that the young ones enjoy their first experiences in the snow

The leisure-sporting activities are the most attractive in the Pyrenees and include exciting snow bike excursions, snow shoe itineraries and the latest activities, such as ski biking, a new way of enjoying the snow with all of the family.

Vallnord Vallnord - mushing Vallnord - skibike Vallnord - moto neige

Pure nature in Sector Ordino-Arcalís

Breathe in the fresh air of the most beautiful countryside in the Principality. Enjoying the snow in its original state is an unforgettable experience for everyone that participates in snow activities and it is within easy reach in Sector Ordino-Arcalís. The station also has a Freeride Area, where you can practise freeriding or going on the most impressive and secure controlled off-piste areas in Andorra. Its location in the extreme north/northeast of the country and its high peaks, between 1,940 m and 2,625 m, means that it benefits from great quantities of snow and is a uniquely beautiful alpine environment, which is perfect for controlled off-piste skiing.

In addition, there is a spectacular Snow Park for the authentic surfers. More than 15,000 m2 of snow make the area the perfect place to practise jumps and turning techniques. And, if you are looking for an alternative to skiing, this sector is also known for its unforgettable snow shoe itineraries, snow bike excursions and panoramic helicopter flights, the new way to discover the most spectacular spots in the Pyrenees and enjoy the snow.

The Vallnord's sectors

Ski passes 2009/2010

  • Prices for person
Adults (from 18 to 64 years)Junior (from 12 to 17 years)Children (from 6 to 11 years)
Low seasonHigh seasonLow seasonHigh seasonLow seasonTemporada alta
½ day 24,00 € 28,50 € 21,00 € 24,75 € 18,00 € 21,00 €
1 day 30,50 € 36,00 € 26,75 € 31,50 € 23,00 € 27,00 €
2 days 52,00 € 62,00 € 45,50 € 54,25 € 39,00 € 46,50 €
3 days 78,00 € 93,00 € 68,25 € 81,50 € 58,50 € 70,00 €
4 days 102,00 € 121,00 € 89,25 € 106,00 € 76,50 € 91,00 €
5 days 118,00 € 140,50 € 103,25 € 123,00 € 88,50 € 105,50 €
+ days (per day) 23,00 € 27,00 € 20,00 € 23,75 € 17,00 € 20,50 €

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Ski and snowboard schools

Don’t think twice about it, the best option is to sign up with one of our instructors.

You will learn much more quickly and effectively. You’ll enjoy yourself more and be safer.

Visit either of the ski and snowboard schools and we will give you all the information you need.

We have the top specialists in all kinds of skiing and snowboarding, both for adults and children, whether in groups or for individuals. If you want to take your first steps in the world of skiing, to practise and hone your technical abilities where carving and traditional alpine skiing or mountain skiing are concerned, or to discover spectacular ways of moving over the snow, such as snowboarding or telemarking, you will progress from being an apprentice to a master almost before you know it.You choose!

Rates for group classes 2009/2010

  • 2-hour group classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 4-hour group classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays (2 hours per day).
  • The 10-hour courses are limited to groups only.
  • 15-hour group classes take place from Monday to Friday (3 hours per day).
Adults (from 12 years)Children (to 11 years)
Low seasonHigh seasonLow seasonHigh season
2 Hours 23,50 € 20,50 €
4 Hours 43,00 € 36,00 €
15 Hours 96,50 € 113,00 € 85,00 € 93,50 €

Specials Date

Hours from 12 to 64 yearsfrom 6 to 11 years
from 5 to 8 december 2009 12 h 90,40 € 74,80 €
From 27 to 31 december 2009 15 h 113,00 € 93,50 €
From 2 to 6 january 2010 15 h 113,00 € 93,50 €
From 19 to 21 march 2010 9 h 67,80 € 56,10 €
From 27 to 31 march 2010 15 h 113,00 € 93,50 €
From 1 to 5 april 2010 15 h 113,00 € 93,50 €
From 2 to 5 april 2010 12 h 90,40 € 74,80 €

Vallnord winter's activities


Vallnord - Jump Without doubt, one of the main attractions, both in summer and winter, is to be able to fly as high as possible, with trampolines and rubber bands like those used for bungee jumping. This combination makes this an amazingly fun, easy and safe activity.

Both parents and small children can enjoy themselves, feeling like acrobats. This activity is run in front of the Caubella facilities.

3 minuts 7,50 € 5,00 €

Snowmobiles: Arcalís

Vallnord - Snowmobiles: Arcalís

Two types of activity:


In winter we have a permanent circuit, located in the El Hortell area. Snowmobiles can be hired for 15 or 30 minutes at the circuit. Trips are always undertaken with guides in the interests of the safety of users and with a view to providing them with continuous assistance. Nocturnal excursions with a duration of 1 hour.


An unforgettable experience. The excursions set out from the foot of the resort (El Hortell area) and go as far as the Les Portelles shelter. They include a visit to the Port del Rat Tunnel (an old project geared to linking France and Andorra) with its impressive icy stalactites and stalagmites. If the night is suitable, participants can enjoy gazing at the majestic mountains surrounding them, under a starlit sky. Those taking part will be assisted by a guide at all times. Vallnord - Snowmobiles

Circuit:10:00 to 17:30
Excursion:From 17:30
1 or 2 people
20 minutes 49,00 €
Excursion (Night) 1h. 79,00 €

Snowmobiles: Pal

Vallnord - Snowmobiles: Pal A permanent circuit for snowmobiles with unique features in the Pyrenees. The start line is in the Coll de la Botella car park, descending the run, through the woods, to the Setúria valley. From there, they go back up the same run or continue to the log cabins at the end of the valley. It is also possible to combine excursions with a lunch or dinner, likewise “skill races” can also be organized for groups.

Snowmobiles combine the feelings of skating over the snow and the adrenaline that comes from any form of motor sport.

1 person2 persons
30 minutes 51,50 € 64,00 €

In order to get to these activities, you will need to go to the area by car or on skis, as the organisation does not provide transport to Setúria.


Vallnord - Mushing Introductory course to mushing, learn how to ‘drive’ a dog sled. Discover what these amazing animals are like and how they behave, what instructions you have to give them and enjoy skating along the snow through the breathtaking scenery of Setúria.

5-minute passive ride 1)
1 person/sleigh 19,00 €
2 people/sleigh 31,50 €
3 people/sleigh 44,00 €
4 people/sleigh 57,00 €
Mushing Children between 12 and 18 months old Free
Mushing Children between 18 months and 8 years old 50%

In order to get to these activities, you will need to go to the area by car or on skis, as the organisation does not provide transport to Setúria.

Snow shoes: Arcalís and Pal

Vallnord - Snow shoes: Arcalís - Pal Put on your snowshoes and find out about the traditions and culture of the Ordino Valley. Learn to understand the fauna, flora and landscape of the different settings to be found in the valley’s extensive forests and natural areas, in the Sorteny national park. Experience an inundation of sensations as you enjoy the snow to the full in an alternative fashion. You will be able to undertake routes with varying levels of difficulty, in the company of qualified mountain guides.

1 hour1-2 people3-4 people5-6 people
Adults 40,50 € 47,00 € 58,50 €
Children 13,50 € 16,50 € 22,50 €
  • Prices per hour / guide
  • Snow shoes not included
Hire of shoes per person / day 11,00 €

In order to get to these activities, you will need to go to the area by car or on skis, as the organisation does not provide transport to Setúria.

Ski bikes

Vallnord - Ski bikes We are continuing to offer our visitors the chance to try out alternatives to the traditional skis, an example being ski bikes. It is an Austrian invention that combines skies and a bicycle. The traditional pedals have been replaced by the resort’s lifts and the wheels by skis. They are surprisingly easy to use and require a minimum of training from our specialists before you can ride off down any of the slopes. The base for this activity is to be found in the Arinsal sector.

Despite being able to take up this sport without knowing how to ski, it does help and we would recommend an intermediate level, if you want to enjoy it to the full and if you are going to be able to use the lifts without too many problems.

1-2 people / 1 hour 40,50 €
3-4 people / 1 hour 47,00 €
5-6 people / 1 hour 58,50 €

Technical Data

Pal and Arinsal Sectors

Vallnord - télésiège Vallnord - ski Vallnord - ski

Technical Data
Location5 Km from Andorra la Vella and 3 Km from Escaldes-Engordany
Spot heightsFrom 1,550 m. to 2,560 m
Difference in height1,010 m
Facilities31 mechanical lifts
1 aerial cableway
1 2 S cable car (16 places)
1 6-place cable car
3 6-place disengageable chair lift
2 4-place disengageable chair lifts
5 4-place fixed chair lifts
2 2-place fixed chair lifts
9 ski lifts
2 rope lifts
5 conveyor belts
271 artificial snow guns
Capacity39180 skiers/hour
Slopes63 km - 707 Ha
5 F.I.S. slalom slopes
5 green slopes
16 blue slopes
16 red slopes
5 black slopes
1 freestyle area
2 freeride areas
1 Freestart Area
1 slalom area
Snow-covered surface23 km

Complementary activities

Mushing, snowmobiles, children’s snowmobiles, jump, outings on snowshoes, Tyrolean traverse, skibikes, helicopter, sledges, shot with arc, mountain orienteering and airboard.

Vallnord - snack bars with terrace Vallnord - snack bars with terrace

Restaurants3 restaurants at the foot of the slopes
2 self-service establishments
7 snack bars with terrace
Ski schools2, with 200 monitors
Baby clubs2 pour enfants âgés de 1 an (s’il marche seul) à 4 ans
Jardins de neige2, for children from 1 (if already able to walk) to 4 years of age
Snow crèches2, for children from 4 to 8 years of age
Gift shops2 shops with merchandising, press and photography service
Medical centres2
Equipment hire5 shops at the foot of the slopes
Parking facilities9, with capacity for 6.600 vehicles
Picnic areas2 areas
Ski storage facilities2
Left-luggage facilities2
Cash machines2

Thematic areas

  • Bumps Area: Pal
  • FIS Stadium: Arinsal
  • FIS Stadium: Pal
  • Freeride Area: Arinsal
  • Freeride Area: Pal
  • Freestyle Area: Boarder & Skier Cross
  • Freestyle Area: Half Pipe
  • Freestyle Area: Jumps & Rails
  • Freestyle Area: Junior Rails Zone
  • Slalom & Carving area

Arcalís Sector

Vallnord - snow park Vallnord - ski Vallnord - snowshoes

Technical Data
Location14 Km from Ordino and 22 Km from Andorra la Vella
Spot heights From 1,940 m. to 2,625 m
Difference in height685 m
Facilities13 mechanical lifts
1 6-place disengageable chair lift
1 4-place disengageable chair lift
2 4-place fixed chair lifts
1 3-place fixed chair lift
6 ski lifts
1 conveyor belt
1 rope lift
89 artificial snow guns
Capacity16,510 skiers/hour
Slopes26 km - 442 Ha - 310 Ha of off-slope area
5 F.I.S. slopes
6 green slopes
7 blue slopes
11 red slopes
2 black slopes
1 Snow Park
1 FreerideArea
1 sledge slope
1 snowshoe circuit
1 snowmobile circuit
Snow-covered surface 12 Km

Alternative activities

Telemark, orienteering on snowshoes, snowmobiles (daytime/nighttime excursions), flights on 2-person paraglider, helicopter flights and sports centre (swimming, fitness facilities, sauna, Turkish bath, etc.).

Restaurants3 bar, cafeteria and 3 self-service restaurant with terrace
1 snack bar with panoramic views
Ski schools1, with 50 multilingual monitors
Baby Club1, for children from 1 (if already able to walk) to 4 years of age
Snow crèches1, for children from 4 to 8 years of age
Gift shops2 shops with merchandising, press and photographic service
Medical centres1
Equipment hire1 shop at the foot of the slopes
Parking facilitiesSeveral with capacity for 1,500 vehicles
Picnic areas3 areas
Ski storage facilities1

Thematic areas

  • Stadium FIS: Arcalís
  • Freeride Area: Arcalís
  • Snow Park

Vallnord on Flickr

1) Passive ride: Sleigh with maximum capacity for 4 people. The sleigh is driven by the guide