Google Earth

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free product by Google that lets you view the entire earth in 3D with satellite images. You can point to a destination and zoom anywhere you like. The detail of the images varies by destination, but you’ll often see streets, houses, trees and cars. You can download it for free at Google..

How can Google Earth help finding a hotel?

CyberAndorra provides maps to help you locate your hotel. Below the map thumbnails (see image at the left), you’ll find a small icon with a link “View these hotels in Google Earth” Google Earth. Click on the link and choose ‘Open’ in the dialog box. Alternatively, you may ‘Save’ the file and open it later.

Do you want to try it now?

If you have Google Earth installed, you can try it now. Click the link below, save and open in Google Earth. Now move around Andorra, zoom in, and you’ll notice that our hotels will appear on your screen. Please give it a try. It’s fun!

Google Earth View hotels in Google Earth

Google Earth™ is a product of Google Inc. CyberAndorra is not responsible for its content or operation. For help with Google Earth™, please have a look at the Google Earth homepage.